Ben is a strong advocate of technology and e-economy, whereby he feels that by utilizing the right technology, he and his team could bridge the gap of work demand and unemployment today. Being a serial entrepreneur, he yearns to impart his business knowledge to others on how to utilize available technology to create a promising and meaningful career for life. He had been constantly finding ways to integrate the education sector and workforce sector to work hand in hand to boost the economy.



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Senior Executive Director

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Cyrus has been in the Information Technology (I.T.) business for a long time and he’s highly experienced in initiating and managing tech projects around Asia region. While he had founded and run some successful I.T. businesses, his passion for the industry is still strong and he’d like to help others to realize their passions through internet and technological platforms.


Han Chooi

Executive Director

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Being an experienced data analyst, Han had helped several companies in their data analyst and management process. Having a deep passion for data and its application, Han aims to resolve the problem of job market demand and supply qualitatively and quantitatively. In his spare time, he likes to read and listen to classical music.

Edwin Ng

Executive Director

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Edwin is a licensed advocate and solicitor in Malaysia, and he is focusing on legal consultation, agreement drafting, and litigation matters. He joined WBPO with the mission to help others in finding their life’s mission and passion. In his spare time, he usually travels around the country in his heavy motorbike and takes pictures along the way.


Strategic Consultant

Edward works full-time as a game broadcaster for multiple electronic gaming platforms, and he had coached many eSports gaming teams to their victory in tournaments. Albeit his success in the eSports arena, he also liked to providing coaching and consultation to startups to accelerating their growth and achieve their business goals. He is deeply interested in human interaction dynamics and effect that follows with each interactions.

Lay Yet Tan

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Lay Yet had vast experience in financial forecasting and financial management. He is in charge of the financial roadmap for the company, and work side by side with other team members to ensure efficient capital allocation. While he is holding a serious position at work, he likes to unwind by watching internet comedy at times.

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Chief People Officer (CPO)

As a professional corporate trainer and coach, Roy is committed to bringing the best qualities of any individuals he trains or coaches. Deep down he believes everyone serves a great purpose in this world, and many just haven’t discovered their true potential. Aligned with his personal mission, he serves in charity organizations to help the unfortunate and give back to society.


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Born in Pakistan but ended up taking residency in Malaysia, where he had since worked in various jobs and started multiple businesses along the way. Over time, he learned that online marketing is a very powerful business tool that can be used for businesses and individuals to further their own cause and together build a strong society. He had a passion for gardening and international trading when he’s not working in the office.



Vice President,
Freelancer Relations

Ken is an experienced auditor that is vastly knowledgeable in understanding and consulting company and factories on financial and operation processes, in order to further optimize overall business performance. He is passionate in the area of self-improvement and personal development, whereby he attends various online classes to learn new skills.

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Vice President,
Data Management

Graduated from Deakin University, Australia, James is highly passionate about the human learning process, in terms of knowledge accumulation and distributions over time. He is a smart generalist that could link how business processes work and always welcoming of challenging tasks that he might or might not have experienced before. He’s an avid reader himself and likes to research global stock market performances from time to time.


Vice President,

As an auditor and business executive, Lava possesses a deep understanding of the building management business and a vast array of financial management strategies. While his profession lies in the domain of accounting and finance, he never ceases to have interest in other areas of expertise and business functions, as he is deep into content marketing for the time being. He enjoys playing video games and different genres of music in his free time.


Vice President,
International Marketing

Born and raised in India, Arka is the founder of his own education marketing agency and has enjoyed early successes in his business. Knowing that WBPO is committed to further developing the e-economy and combating unemployment issues, he is interested to become the bridge between the company and the international market and form meaningful partnerships with one another. Arka is a frequent traveler and likes to record life moments with his photography skills.



Vice President,
Information Technology 

Meng Hua had graduated from his degree program in Information Technology (I.T.) from University Tunku Abdul Rahman. He’s highly experienced in researching and coordinating tech development for 3 years in I.T. company. He would like to make a positive impact on the world using his I.T. skills and contribute back to society.